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Our Process

Old Abington - The Tavern
Old Abington – The Tavern

Every Shutter Art Gallery print by Frank Timberlake starts as a photograph that has been shot in exceedingly high resolution.

A high resolution photo allows the hue, temperature, and saturation to be altered towards the way the artist wants the final digital picture to present itself. The photo is then carefully processed through proprietary software.

One print of one scene starts with more than 30 shots and can easily go over 100 snaps of the shutter. Within Shutter Art Gallery, Timberlake oversees the process of getting the best possible coloration onto the canvas. 

We can print on unframed fine smooth or textured art line papers, but Timberlake prefers to put his works on canvas. That is to also say, on gallery wrapped canvas which means the museum-quality, archival level canvas is professionally measured, colorized, cut then stretched over a sturdy wooden frame and tightened to a degree that amateur framers simply cannot achieve.

From basic mounting, each print is carefully coated with an archival, museum-quality art lacquer for protection from dust, liquids, and UV rays, which should last unfaded and clean for ions.

After that process, a dustcover back, resistant to mold and mildew, is fitted to the back of each print. The print then receives quality eyehook hangers, real piano wire, and large wall bumpers.

The crowning touch is a small story about the art on the back of the print personally written by Frank Timberlake. Then he signs and numbers each print with a maximum of 200 issues of any given print.

All this effort, procedure, care, and extras is to produce affordable, uniquely sized, fine digital gallery wrapped canvased art, PhoArt® by Frank Timberlake through Shutter Art Gallery.

“Frank Timberlake, with his unique touch on digital art, was recommended to me by Beth Garner, a well-known designer and stager, as we were decorating our Atlantic Beach home in North Carolina.

I proceeded to visit venues around the Morehead City area to personally view Frank’s work. Frank Timberlake’s photographic art is truly inspirational! He is a connoisseur of capturing the moment and memories of Morehead City, Atlantic Beach establishments and the lifestyle of the community.

Frank also creates a story on each piece of collectible art adding a deeper level of appreciation for his work. Frank, thank-you so much for contributing to our family memories from your extraordinary photographic vision and talent!  It enhances our home and entrances our hearts and minds.”

Lyle Sheppard, Atlantic Beach & Clayton, North Carolina